What We Do

MEASA Consulting is a professional services and management consulting firm specializing in enterprise software.  We are a certified partner of the global enterprise solutions provider IFS for full-spectrum IFS enterprise solutions services – from implementation, process optimization, support services  to upgrading of your existing IFS Applications. We undertake both project based and staff augmentation assignments depending on the needs of our clients.

MEASA Consulting is the sole partner of IFS promoting IFS Reach, a pre – configured format of the IFS Applications meant for the micro, small and medium scale enterprises to use as an out-of-the-box solution in the South Asian market.

Our professional services also encompass project management, business consultancy, a wide range of IT and engineering services with global delivery capability.



Our vision is to create a business community who embrace technology as their best ally to enhance enterprise value.


As MEASA Consulting, we will partner you to create business and technology solutions that transform your organization into a high performing entity in implementing strategy.


Core Values

  • Integrity

Integrity means everything to us. With professional integrity we adhere to the right things consistently. We always honour our commitments and are truthful and honest with our stake holders, maintain confidentiality of client information and respect the different cultures and traditions they represent.

  • Commitment

By which we are committed to discharge quality, value delivery and accountability in our undertakings.

  • Passion

Which means enthusiasm for excellence in all our actions and dealings and a continuous quest to deliver value to our clients.

  • Candour

Which means simplicity, fairness and cheerfulness in our approach to issues and relationships and respect for every individual.